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Laboratory Waste Management & Disposal

February 25, 2021

There are over 35,000 laboratory operations in the United States. They’re found in schools and universities, hospitals and medical facilities, factories, warehouses and maintenance departments. Much of the waste these labs produce can’t be poured down the drain or thrown out in the trash. Doing so would be unsafe and subject to criminal penalty. To dispose of lab waste in the most environmentally safe and cost effective manner, lab packing services are the best practice.

Arizona laboratory assistant disposing of laboratory waste.

What Are Lab Packs?

If you work in a lab, chances are you’ve used lab packs to clean out the accumulation of mislabeled, leaking, contaminated or out-of-date small containers (usually less than five gallons) of chemicals, solvents, cleaners, inks, dyes, reagents, paints, etc. Over time some of these chemicals become unstable and possibly explosive (like picric acid used in medical laboratories). Others like solvents, cleaning solutions, aerosols and compressed gas bottles are hazardous after use.

How Do You Dispose Of Lab Packs?

First, wastes from labs are segregated into compatible groups such as oxidizers, acids, and flammables. The waste is then securely packed in vermiculite. The vermiculite also acts as non-reactive absorbent should any container spill or break.

A typical lab pack project may look like this:

Keep in mind the process of lab packing has specific rules and exceptions and should be performed by trained individuals.

It is important that your organization understand the rules and regulations for laboratory waste management & disposal when deciding how to handle your Arizona business's lab pack disposal.

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