Lab Pack Biohazard Waste Pickup

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December 01, 2023

Every year, healthcare facilities, warehouses, government agencies, universities, and laboratories produce large amounts of hazardous waste materials. Getting rid of these can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. There are more than 35,000 laboratory operations in the United States, many of which regularly produce high-risk waste. Therefore, it's crucial to properly dispose of these harmful wastes to guarantee the public's health and safety.

At TransChem Environmental, LLC, we offer lab pack biohazard medical waste pickup and disposal services to ensure your lab waste is disposed of economically and in an environmentally friendly manner. Many laboratories use various quantities of different chemicals, typically less than 10 liters of each. Certain chemicals, such as picric acid used in medical laboratories, can become unstable and potentially explosive over time. Solvents, cleaning solutions, aerosols, and compressed gas bottles can also pose a serious risk after use.

Lab packs are generally used to clean out an accumulation of mislabeled, leaking, contaminated, or outdated small containers (less than five gallons) containing chemicals, solvents, cleaners, inks, dyes, reagents, paints, and other materials. They are arranged and categorized into groups, such as acids, bases, flammables, and toxins. And they’re typically used to transfer smaller containers of hazardous waste materials.

In this operation, smaller containers are packed into a huge drum, which may carry up to 55 gallons of waste. To ensure safe transportation for medical waste disposal, each smaller container inside this drum (lab pack) must be properly arranged and cushioned with dormant material.

Medical Waste Disposal Services in Arizona

Organizations and businesses are legally obligated to prioritize medical waste disposal due to the potential threat these chemicals pose to the environment and human health.

If they are thrown down the drain or mixed in with regular trash, they can endanger local residents' health and harm the environment. Since this waste requires special attention and expertise, the safest move is to hire a professional waste disposal service.

TransChem's lab pack biohazard medical waste pickup guarantees safe transportation, handling, and disposal of hazardous materials. This means your establishment takes all reasonable precautions to safeguard its patrons, staff, neighborhood, and ecosystem.

In addition to the safety precautions, using these packs will prevent fines and penalties from being imposed on your facility if you follow the correct procedure. This can also be a great save since state and federal agencies conduct surprise inspections to ensure all laws are followed.

When it comes to quick, legal, affordable, and long-lasting solutions for your hazardous and medical waste disposal needs, TransChem Environmental stands out from the rest. We specialize in lab pack biohazard waste pickup services that are certified, EPA-compliant, and up-to-date with all regulatory standards.

Our extensively trained staff ensures that professionals dispose of and handle your waste properly. Plus, our cleanup crew makes sure that we have all the necessary documents to transport your waste anywhere in the US.

We provide lab pack solutions for all our clients in addition to disposing of hazardous laboratory trash. For more details on how you can get rid of your medical waste, contact us today for a safer future!

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