Hazmat Spill Kits

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November 15, 2023

Few things in life are more hazardous than a chemical spill. These unfortunate accidents can happen in any number of locations, which means hazmat spill kits are necessary for all of the following areas: storage rooms, fueling islands, bathrooms, garbage areas, loading docks, doctor's offices, veterinary offices, grocery stores, construction sites, parking areas, and manufacturing facilities — just to name a few.

These invaluable hazmat spill kits are used to clean oil, chemical, or bodily fluid spills, which can lead to hazardous events and incidents like slips and falls. Many businesses even use a spill kit to clean up the water dripping from the water cooler or window air conditioner.

What's Included in a Hazmat Spill Kit?

Typically, small hazmat spill kits come with absorbent socks and pads in different colors, like white, gray, and yellow. The white ones are best for absorbing oils and fuel. They can even float on water without picking it up, making them ideal for cleaning spills in and around water.

On the other hand, gray socks and pads can absorb all types of liquid, including water. The yellow ones, meanwhile, are used for chemical spills. Sometimes, special tools are also included in the spill kit to plug and patch a rip, tear, or puncture.

What Hazmat Spills Cleaning Equipment Is Available?

Here are some common hazmat spill kits you can get for your home or business:

General-Purpose Spill Kits
These spill kits are designed to absorb all kinds of liquids, such as blood, flood waters, sewage, chemical spills, etc. Depending on your facility's chemical, however, you might need to customize these kits.

Chemical Spill Kits
These hazmat spill kits can clean away spills from most types of hazardous chemicals. Certain kits also neutralize the spills they absorb. These are great for instant cleaning of dangerous chemical spills or leaks.

Oil And Fuel Kits
Since oil and fuel are flammable liquids, facilities require special spill kits to minimize the risk. Oil and fuel spill kits are designed to handle flammable liquid spills.

How Do You Use Hazmat Spills Cleaning Equipment to Clean a Spill?

Make sure your staff only tries to clean up a spill on their own when it's a low-risk and known material and the spill is minor. Whenever you spot a spill like this, wear safety gloves and goggles, and stop the spill by plugging or patching the hole if possible.

Then, use the sock around the spilled material to keep it from spreading. Next, put the absorbent pads on the spill to soak it up. If the spill involves unknown chemicals, dangerous liquids, or a significant quantity of unknown material or chemicals, immediately evacuate the premises and call 911 to report the spill.

Why Clean the Hazardous Spill Immediately?

A hazardous spill can cause severe harm to humans, animals, property, and the environment. If hazardous chemicals or other liquids are spilled or leaked in your facility, ensure proper equipment is used to remove the hazardous materials immediately.

If hazardous materials or their residue are left behind, it can cause serious hazards such as skin burns, toxic poisoning, flashback and ignition, environmental pollution, and much more. Maintain your facility's and surrounding communities' safety by getting the best hazmat spills cleaning equipment.

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