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Environmental Waste Disposal Services

September 22, 2023

From medical waste to hazardous substances, industries generate various harmful materials that could have detrimental effects on the environment and human well-being if not disposed of properly. This type of waste is referred to as Environmental Waste, and it poses a significant challenge to sustainability efforts and practices.

TransChem Environmental (TCE) offers Environmental Waste Disposal Services, including transportation and disposal of biomedical and commercial hazardous waste. We work with establishments like hospitals, pathology labs, furniture manufacturers, property management companies, and many more to dispose of hazardous waste safely.

Our experienced and expert team of waste management professionals can handle biomedical waste like human and animal tissues, cultures, sharps, blood, and any dangerous and infectious medical substances.

We also supply environmental waste disposal packaging, which helps businesses manage hazardous waste. Explore high-quality and the safest steel and poly drums, corrugated containers, wipes, absorbents, and spill containment products at TCE.

Our personal waste transportation division lets us cautiously transport and dispose of hazardous waste. We identify, label, and transport waste following all Federal and State Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Our transportation division is EPA-recognized and works under the supervision of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT). We're a licensed company for transporting hazardous and medical waste with a team of trained waste disposal professionals.

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Act Fast When Disposing of Environmental Waste

When dealing with environmental waste, you must carefully prevent ecological and health disasters. Disposal of hazardous and infectious substances requires safe and responsible handling, including monitoring the waste management processes, ensuring regulatory compliance, and promoting sustainable disposal practices.

You must rely on experts to quickly dispose of environmental waste and protect the environment, public health, and safety. An experienced and licensed team knows how to dispose of waste correctly so that it won't leave devastating ecological impacts. When you deal with waste yourself, the disposed waste might leak into the water sources and air, harm the health of humans and animals, and degrade the climate.

Waste management is also a dangerous task. Handling toxic, infectious, and hazardous waste such as sharps, glass, nails, and chemicals can physically harm humans. Children and animals might get injured by improperly disposed equipment and old containers.

Only a waste disposal expert can ensure everything is cleaned, transported, and disposed of properly. If you wish to minimize damage, accidents, and injury and promote a healthy environment, dispose of your waste quickly while relying on professional expertise.

Why TCE Is Best for Environmental Waste Management

TransChem Environmental (TCE) delivers compliance-friendly and reliable environmental waste management. But we're also an affordable service provider where customers find up to 25% or more cost savings. However, the affordability doesn’t get between the quality of our service.

We make things easier for our clients and respond quickly as our support professionals are available 24/7 - on call, email, or fax - to solve your queries and answer questions. And TCE only offers human support to address everyone's unique needs.

The way we handle waste distinguishes us from others. At TCE, we embrace eco-friendly practices and dispose of all collected waste in an environmentally friendly way. Additionally, all our staff is rigorously trained and licensed to handle medical and hazardous waste, ensuring no risks.

About Us

TransChem Environmental (TCE) started its journey in 2005, still growing with 100% customer satisfaction. We're a seasoned team of waste disposal professionals prioritizing environmentally friendly operations. We're licensed to offer our services throughout the continental United States.

Additionally, we make sure all the federal, state, and local regulations are followed strictly to save your businesses from unnecessary hassles while at the same time keeping the climate and public safe. Contact us today and leave the environmental waste disposal duty to our licensed and experienced professionals.

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