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Hazardous Waste Disposal Company Tucson, AZ

June 7, 2023

If you have hazardous waste you need to dispose of in Tucson, AZ, count on TransChem Environmental. We are the premier hazardous waste removal company you can trust.

TransChem Environmental was established in 2005, and our talented team has been in the waste disposal industry for 85 years. We have our transportation division and all the permits to transport and dispose of hazardous waste properly. Our staff receives extensive training, and we prioritize every customer we have the privilege of working with.

At TransChem Environmental., we prioritize responsible hazardous waste disposal and removal without compromising on quality. Through strategic partnerships, we offer comprehensive, cost-effective, and low-risk solutions for waste disposal in Tucson, Arizona.

Our purpose is to dispose of hazardous material in a way that's safe for you and the communities we live in. All our actions are aligned with the RCRA, and our disposal facilities all have RCRA and CERCLA permits. Unlike others who seek the cheapest options, we don't broker waste to multiple facilities.

Your Trusted Chemical & Medical Waste Removal Company

For every waste stream, our team at TransChem Environmental carefully analyzes, profiles, and manages through incineration, treatment, or recycling processes.

After the study, you get a quote within 24 hours. Our hazardous commercial chemical waste disposal services extend from businesses like hospitals and pathology labs to various workshops and factories. We have also worked with dismantling illegal labs and taking apart machines with dangerous chemicals.

Our absorbents and spill control products, including sorbent pads, rolls, socks, booms, and more, effectively clean oil, water, and chemical spills. You can choose from polypropylene or eco-friendly EVERSOAK™ options to meet the OSHA and EPA safety regulations.

TransChem Environmental provides all remedial services, like having a “first-response” team for emergencies and Phase II support services. Our emergency hazmat chemical disposal includes industrial spills, PCB decontamination, and illegal lab takedowns. Phase II is when we sample and analyze waste materials to determine their toxicity. After that, they are safely removed based on their category. Disposal services include secure landfills, recycling, incineration, treatment, blending of fuels, high-risk disposals, medical waste disposal, and stream analyses.

Starting with action plans, we conduct every step using our resources – no third parties involved. This includes sampling and analysis, packaging, and encapsulation. Our technicians come protected in the best PPE to maintain security against contamination. And lastly, we even offer chemical waste transportation.

Let TransChem Environmental Handle Your Chemical Waste

At TransChem Environmental, our services guarantee exceptional quality and full compliance with state and federal regulations. With competitive pricing, precision cleanup, and reliability, we are the hazardous waste disposal company in Tucson, AZ, you can trust. Experience our prompt response, impeccable service, and inclusive packages featuring hazmat spill kits, containment, and waste containers.

With safety, speed, and precision, we're ever prepared to take care of any hazardous waste you need to be disposed of. Get a quote within 24 hours! We won't badger you with sales calls. We mean business and keep our focus on delivering on our promises. Contact us to work with the best hazardous chemical & medical waste removal company in the region.

We specialize in extraordinary hazardous waste situations without the use of subcontractors.
We are experienced in non-hazardous waste management & disposal.
We are in control of every aspect of your project and you stay informed.