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Maintaining OSHA Laboratory Standard with a Chemical Hygiene Plan

April 2, 2021

The Laboratory Standard requires that the employer designate a Chemical Hygiene Officer and have a written Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP), and actively verify that it remains effective. The CHP must include provisions for worker training, chemical exposure monitoring, where appropriate, medical consultation when exposure occurs, criteria for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and engineering controls, special precautions for particularly hazardous substances, and a requirement for a Chemical Hygiene Officer responsible for implementation of the CHP.

A technician mixing chemicals in an Arizona laboratory.

OSHA Laboratory Standard General Information

Laboratory personnel must receive training regarding the Laboratory Standard, the CHP, and other laboratory safety practices, including exposure detection, physical and health hazards associated with chemicals, and protective measures.

Use the following compliance checklist to review your policies and procedures in light of the requirements of the Laboratory Standard (29 CFR 1910.1450).

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Does your Chemical Hygiene Plan contain the following elements?

CPH Employee Training

It is important to ensure your employee training is set up to maintain OSHA Laboratory Standard compliance.

What Medical Considerations Have You Taken?

Do you provide all employees who work with hazardous chemicals an opportunity to receive medical attention under the following circumstances?

It is important that your Arizona laboratory understands how to set up a Chemical Hygiene Plan to stay in compliance with OSHA Laboratory Standards, especially when dealing with hazardous waste disposal.

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