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Refrigerant Disposal & Management

February 11, 2021

There can be significant fines and potential criminal penalties involved with violations of refrigerant requirements. To ensure that your organization is prepared to meet compliance requirements, you need a well defined and documented refrigerant compliance program. Perform a self-check by answering the following refrigerant compliance management questions:

Refrigerant canisters waiting for refrigerant disposal.

Refrigerant Chemical Disposal Questions

The checklist contains what EPA considers "must do" requirements, as well as industry practices that are considered "should do" recommendations to meet compliance guidelines. The best practices recommendations are included to help you implement a framework of procedures, systems, and information that will help ensure that the "must do" requirements are met.

It is important that your organization understand the rules and regulations for refrigerant disposal & management when deciding how to handle your Arizona business's refrigerant chemical disposal.

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