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Hazmat Transportation Checklist

November 18, 2020

In a previous post we gave you part of a hazmat transportation security checklist for your facility and personnel. That checklist was meant to prepare you and your hazardous waste for the journey to the hazardous waste disposal site. While en route, however, there are sevearl key security concerns you must be aware of to ensure your hazmat cargo and personnel arrive safely. . Here's the hazmat transportation checklist for en-route security measures.

White truck transporting hazardous waste to to a hazmat disposal site in Arizona.


By following this hazmat transportation checklist, you can ensure your organization can transport hazardous waste materials safely and securely to a waste disposal site. Although this article is meant to give you tips and tricks to help transport your organization's hazmat, it is best to avail hazardous waste transportation services from a commercial hazardous waste disposal company to transport and dispose of your hazardous, medical, or toxic waste.

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