Hazardous Waste Management 

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Hazardous  Waste Management

At TCE, our management team offers over 85 years of experience in the hazardous waste management industry. We’ve seen just about every type of hazardous waste situation and we have the know-how and the equipment to design and carry out a solution that is safe, practical and environmentally sound.We’ll analyze and profile every waste stream generated by your business to determine its potential risk and the proper method of disposal through recycling, treatment or incineration. And, we’ll see your project through from start to finish.You’ll find us hard at work in a variety of hazardous waste situations from the dismantling of illegal drug labs to decommissioning PCB transformers.We also work closely with industries where hazardous waste is simply part of the process — perhaps a business like yours:

• Electroplating Operations
• Hospitals
• Pathology Labs
• Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers
• Semiconductor Manufacturing
• Major Aircraft Maintenance Companies
• Auto Body Shops
• Metal Finishing & Fabricating Companies
• Wood Cabinet/Furniture Manufacturers
• Dry cleaners Printing Companies
• Property Management Companies and many more!!! 

With a complete inventory of personal protective equipment (PPE) (Level A,B,C, and D) and site remedial & monitoring equipment, the TCE management team has established an enviable reputation for rapid response, reliability, and performance on a wide variety of sites.  Previous projects and client requirements include “First Team Response” at illegal drug laboratories, decommissioning/disposal of PCB laden transformers, laboratory chemical characterization/packaging/disposal, and remediation of uncontrolled U.S. government owned hazardous waste sites.

Disposal of hazardous and toxic materials at TCE does not include brokering waste to the lowest bidding disposal facility.  You can be confident that your waste stream is not being shipped to multiple facilities, thus inheriting the liabilities of other generators that employ “lowest bid”, high-risk disposal options.  It is TCE’s policy to incorporate incineration and waste recycling whenever possible.  Hazardous waste landfills are utilized for limited waste streams, such as F006 filter cake disposal.  Through regional/contractual agreements, TCE combines its turnkey full-service capabilities with four major RCRA, Part-B permitted hazardous waste treatment, recycling, and incineration facilities.  This enables TCE to provide an extremely cost-effective, minimal risk, and long-term solution to hazardous/toxic waste disposal.  All waste streams managed by TCE are analyzed to define their potential risk, then profiled to determine which avenue of waste management and disposal technology will be incorporated.  Primarily, all waste streams managed by TCE are incinerated, treated, or recycled.

TCE maintains its own transportation division and rarely sub-contracts waste transportation to outside transporters.  TCE clients are assured that their wastes are properly identified, labeled, manifested, and transported with strict compliance to all Federal and State Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.  The TCE Transportation Division is a recognized carrier by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and operates under the authority of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT).  In addition, TCE is fully permitted to transport hazardous wastes and toxic materials throughout the continental United States.  All TCE drivers complete a 40 hour OSHA HAZWOPER safety training course, with annual refresher training and they also attend a specially designated annual driver seminar.  This training includes waste compatibility, manifesting, placarding, labeling, and packaging along with proper loading, bracing, and unloading of containerized waste streams.

Remedial Services

HAZ-MAT Team Emergency Response
• Industrial Spills
• PCB Decontamination
• Drug Lab

Hazardous Waste Sites
• Sampling
• Analysis
• Action Plans
• Packaging
• Excavation
• Transportation
• Disposal
• Stabilization
• Encapsulation
• Remediation
• Soil Remediation

Phase II Support Services
• Sampling
• Analysis

Power Transformers
• Decommissioning
• PCB Disposal

• Facility/Site Cleaning
• Lab-Packing
• Building Decontamination
• Equipment Decontamination

Disposal Services

• Incineration
• Treatment
• Recycling
• Fuels Blending

• High Risk Disposals
• Hazardous Waste Landfill
• Waste Stream Analysis
• Medical Waste Disposal

We specialize in extraordinary hazardous waste situations without the use of subcontractors. We are in control of every aspect of your project and you stay informed.